Emine Semiye (1864-1944) is the daughter of historian, jurist and statesman Ahmet Cevdet Pasha, one of the important names of the Tanzimat period. She is also the sister of Fatma Aliye Hanım, who is considered our first female novelist. She made a name for herself with her political, social and literary activities during the Constitutional Monarchy II. She was among the enlightened Ottoman women of her period. Emine Semiye, who was very active in political and social life, put into practice the importance she gave to the education of girls in the years after the Republic and worked as a teacher in Sivas, Adana and Ordu girls' schools. In addition to all these, Emine Semiye is a very influential name in her period with her writings. In addition to writing in literary genres such as novels, stories and plays, she also wrote many articles in various newspapers and magazines of the period that contributed to the social and political life of the period. In this article, her story titled "Emin", which has not been published before and is found in her handwritten notebooks in the manuscript section titled "Notes Belonging to Emine Semiye" in the National Library, is analyzed with a psychoanalytical approach. In the story, Emin, who has been working as a gardener at a school for 11 years, is informed that he has been retired because he is 65 years old, and the sadness he feels is about this. The imaginative discourse is striking in this story of Emine Semiye, which contains many biographical references to the last years of her life. This situation also arises from the transforming function of biographical referents to the reality field of the image.

Anahtar Kelimeler
Emine Semiye, “Emin” Story, Biographical Elements, Voice and Gaze Image.