In today's novel art, in which classical fictions are tried to be overcome with experimental ways, every work that exhibits a marginal appearance in terms of narrative elements is classified as underground literature. With the studies carried out in recent years, underground literature, which goes beyond the state of being "underground" as an expression that includes texts that are not included in the mainstream literature, and whose features are determined by various studies, becomes a genre. In this case, every work that cannot be included in the mainstream literature in terms of form and content should not be included in the underground literature genre. In the contemporary literary world, where the boundaries between genres are increasingly blurred, the classification of works that carry the elements of different genres at the same time brings with it some conflicts. In 2005, some works that could not be included in any of these genres due to the diversity of their characteristics began to be called Bizarro fiction with the decision of three independent broadcasting organizations. Bizarro fiction is a genre that should be taken into account with its critical perspective and destructive attitude underlying its never-ending pace, and its characters, who act in accordance with the plot where the action is important, reflecting the modern individual. The dissatisfaction with which the modern world drags the individual reveals Bizarro fiction. In Turkish literature, Bizarro fiction is discussed for the first time with this study.

Anahtar Kelimeler
Underground literature, new underground literature, Bizarro fiction, novel, modern Turkish literature