The human being, who is almost condemned to be defeated by the shortness of life, has found the escape from death to improve himself and even surpass his own self. Realizing that he must first know himself in order to surpass himself, the person has gone the way of knowing himself with the idea of humanism. However, this idea has been limited by certain frameworks and has become an outdated idea over time. Immediately after, the idea of post-humanism, in other words transhumanism, was put forward and people are now on the verge of exceeding their own limits. But the dead-end thinking in transhumanism is the same as in humanism. It is still popular that transformation applies to the chosen and not to everyone, and this idea is seen as unacceptable by some circles. Thus, the person who wants to know himself and overcome his own limits reaches the idea of posthumanism. The main issue of study is the determination of the transhumanist and posthumanist elements in Murat Menteş’s novel Antique Titanic. İn the study, humanism, transhumanism and posthumanism were discussed respectively, and then the transhumanist and posthumanist elements in the Antique Titanic novel were determined and it was worth examining the ways in which they used in a literary work.

Anahtar Kelimeler
Transhumanism, Posthumanism, Post Real, Murat Menteş, Antique Titanic