Şevket Bulut, who is one of the important names of the Turkish story of the Republican period, died on 17.09.1996. In his life, he says that everything is love, and he puts that thought in all his stories. He is also a heartfelt person who knows the people of Anatolia and appreciates and values the people all the time. People's thoughts and behaviors, pain, poverty, traditions, and all their lives are expressed in an unbiased manner in Şevket Bulut's stories. The cloud aims to make the village and town life visible. People can not exhibit an ideological attitude that does not treat poverty and does not abuse the people. ABSTRACT Because of the familiarity of the people of the Southeastern Anatolian region, the cloud successfully manipulated the people of this region in their stories. Having the opportunity to recognize hundreds of villages in Maraş due to his duty, the author has used the words he has seen and heard in his stories by compiling the words, idioms and proverbs used by the people. Because he finds a chance to get to know the village and the villager closely, he reflects the village life intensely in the stories of the village's poverty. In the story of the author, a large number of people draw attention immediately. In these stories where people in rural areas are often seen, the attitudes and behaviors of people towards life, birth, death, time, economic problem, belief, psychological tendencies are examined. The writer reflected the cultural and spiritual values that are weakened by the traditions and customs that are about to disappear when they are mentioned, in an authoritative manner. The purpose of this article is to reveal the understanding of Şevket Bulut's story and to remember the author in the twentieth year of his death.

Anahtar Kelimeler
Modern Turkish story, Story type, Şevket Bulut.