ociety has a confidential reflection that excludes the ones out of its norms and don’t think as itself. This universal reaction has the goal of punishing or alienating the ones not like itself. The attitude of the society towards these individuals which alienates the ones different from it by the cases like denominational conflicts, ideal differences, ethnic roots etc. has the meaning of ignorance of them. This meaning is the isolation of the alienated individuals and their exclusion from the society. Kemalettin Tuğcu, who has works on child literature, draws attention to the spiritual world of the isolated heroes in his works. He especially concentrates on the reality of demolishment of societal norms with a corruption based upon the modernization and urbanization. In this context, the physiological and mental conditions of the isolated heroes as a result of interfamilial derangements and economical interests are particularly examined.

Anahtar Kelimeler
Kemalettin Tuğcu, Isolation, Modernization, Corruption, Materiality.