Kırmızı Pelerinli Kent (The City in Crimson Cloak) is published in 1998 as a product of search of consistency of dissident and inconsonant Aslı Erdoğan who is introduced as one of the ‘50 Authors of Future’. This work is a text of uprising of individuals who are struggling with the ironic diseases such as miscommunication, loneliness, and alienation of the communication era that has been elevated to a level so that it is manifested with threatens and objectifies the subject is being narrated in the novel. Spatial-looking journey is being moved to a deep level of identity development by physical and spiritual leaps. The narrative of subsequent layers with metafiction, is built on escape and search paths. The conundrum of the city and all the elements covered by the cloak lost its mystery and the freedom ends. In this regime of the city which destroys all the alike and the opposite, existential endeavors are blocked by the city’s labyrinth-like nature. In this work, Kırmızı Pelerinli Kent (The City in Crimson Cloak) will be analyzed in terms of work, structure, theme, language and manner, and so the indicatives of the text will be unveiled. In this way, the argumets of socio-psychological layer which is marked by the work shall be assessed.

Anahtar Kelimeler
Red, Cloak, City, Özgür, Struggle, Analyze.