Ahmet Midhat is among our first writers to practice in Turkish literature informing his readers about fine arts, just as he did in many other fields, or enriching his novels by complicating the plot and the characters. Especially his knowledge on the field of music is on a level enabling him to dispute with experts and to teach them. In addition to music, despite being lesser, his knowledge on dance, opera, painting and architecture has increased upon his journey to Europe in 1889 and began to play a bigger part in his literary works compared to before. Especially in his novels Ahmet Metin ve Şirzat (Ahmet Metin and Şirzat) and Taaffüf (Chasteness) by bringing up detailed subjects on mythology, he gave a functinal role to painting and sculpture which are two important forms of fine arts. On this subject painter Hamdi Bey is an important name who aroused in him an interest towards fine arts and whom he later on mentions with gratitude. Another important name to have an effect on him is a Russian orientalist Madame Gülnar whom he met in his 1889 Europe journey and with whom they visited museums together. Along with his literary works in which he included fine arts, Ahmet Midhat’s theoretical writings about these subjects are also on an amount not to be underestimated.

Anahtar Kelimeler
Ahmet Midhat Efendi, Fine Arts (music, painting, sculpture, dance, opera), Osman Hamdi, Madame Gülna