In this study, Yahya Kemal’s perception of death in his own book named “Our Own Vault of Heaven” has been discussed. Death as a fact of life has been a subject discussed and thought in Turkish literature every period of time, thought and about which poems have been written. Poets have expressed their feelings and thoughts against death in both the pre- Islamıc Turkish literature, after Islamic age and from Tanzimat Reform Era to the present day. With the change of ages, cultures and geographies, approaches for death have emerged with different viewpoints. When viewed in the history of literature it will be seen that each period has its own perception of death. Yahya Kemal, who lived in one of the most critical history, in which especially wars, political, social, cultural changes experienced in Turkish history couldn’t remain indifferent to death. He has included a lot of death theme in his works under the influence of Eastern and Western culture in this context. In some poems, Yahya Kemal who doesn’t approach death with a single point of view perceive death as disappearing, however he perceives death as travelling to the other world or the unknown in another poems. While he approaches death from material point of view especially in his poems written after he comes from Paris; he adopts spiritual point of view in his declining years. He symbolizes permanence in his poems in which he approaches death as poverty with art and homeland which he left behind. Our Own Vault of Heaven which is a main source of this article could only be published after his death although it had been planned in his lifetime. Yahya Kemal dwells on love, history, eternity, sea and İstanbul apart from death theme in this book.

Anahtar Kelimeler
Yahya Kemal, Death, Life, The other world.