From the basic samples given in our literature in the genre of short story that has the feature of reflecting life directly, in this study, it is discussed about the perception of teacher in our society, and the question how teachers are perceived and seemed by society is tried to be answered, and also positive and negative aspect of teacher-society relationship are attempted to be seen and shown. If literature’s feature of reflecting society, life and individual is remembered, it is aimed to understand the place of teacher in society better from the works in our literature. In the short stories written in our New Turkish Literature, inner worlds of teachers are reflected, as well as, the questions how they are recognized, known and seen by their society are also answered. In our research, perception of teacher in these short stories are discussed and short story texts are tried to be analyzed with some questions such as place where society want to see teacher, their expectations from teacher and how they perceive teacher.

Anahtar Kelimeler
New Turkish literature, Turkish short story, teacher, education, society.