Intertextuality refers to the issue of one literacy text carries influences from the previous literature and it is a frequently used method in literary analysis. This method signifies the sources of a writer or poet, as well as how these sources are processed. A text that gains diversity and richness via intertextuality is not just one text but rather a collection of texts. Gülten Akın is a poet who started to write poems during the reign of İkinci Yeni poetry. She usually used elements of folklore and folk literature in her poetry. She choosed to use legends, folk songs, laments in her poems and typically included preface and epigraph. By this approach, the existence of paratextual relationship was constructed. Intertextuality, on the other hand, is sustained by the anonymous cliche-stereotype expressions that are used in folk stories, folk tales, folk songs, and lullabies. The texts and the meanings in her works, especially that are created between 1972-1983, presents us a merged framework within folk literature and folklore.

Anahtar Kelimeler
Gülten Akın, poem, intertextuality, folklore, folk literature.