Malgorzata Labecka-Koecherowa is one of the important names in 20th century Poland' s Turcology. She was bom in Bronice, Pulawy in 28 September 1917, as the fourth daughter of five children. Malgorzata belonged to an aristocratic family. During her primary school education she took private lessons at home with her sisters and finished primary school by entering the school exams at the end of the academic years. She completed secondary school alrnost in the same way, a little bit at home, a little bit at school. After hlgh school, she started studying at the university in 1935, but could not finish. She attended a commerce secretary course for one-year; got her certificate and in 1938 she was sent to a Polish company's office in Istanbul. World War II and the loss of her first husband created a deep trauma. But she never got tired of life and finished university in her 40s. Malgorzata Labecka Koecherowa studied Turkology and served Turkology as a researcher and interpreter for many years. She wrote books and articles on Turkish culture; presented papers in Polish, Turkish, Russian and French. She wrote many articles in the encyclopedias about Turkish literature in and out of Turkey. In her researches, she focused on the former Turkish beliefs, light comedy and Meddah. She translated articles and books related to Turcology from Turkish and Russian into Polish. With translations in poetry, novels and plays, she proved how skillful she was in this area. Malgorzata Labecka Koeclıerowa died on 11 July 2011.

Poland, Turkology, Malgorzata Labecka-Koecherowa.