Genç Kalemler was a magazine published in Thessaloniki after the declaration of II. Meşrutiyet (constitutional monarchy) on language, literature, arts and opinions. In addition to articles on language, literature, arts, history, philosophy and sociology, those on aesthetics were also published in the magazine. This study is limited to the analysis of aesthetical articles published in Genç Kalemler. Aesthetics is undoubtedly a scientific discipline, which forms a unity off our elements: A esthetic subject( the artist), a esthetic object (the artwork), a esthetic value (the beauty of the artwork) and aesthetic judgement (the judgement of the artwork). Firstly, the aesthetics related articles are groupped according to the aforementionefdo ur elements and then the articles within each group is attempted to analyze chronologicalIy. In result of the analysis it is postulated that the Genç Kalemler magazine introduced a novela esthetics and understandingo f arts with respectt o its period in the history of Turkish literature. The properties of the aforementioned aesthetics and understanding of arts is written through the study depending on the source texts.

Anahtar Kelimeler
Genç Kalemler magazineı artistı artwork, beauty of artwork, judgement of the artwork.