Why Ahmet Mithat Efendi Wrote Jön Türk Novel?

Jöntürk novel which was published two years later the Announcent of Reform Era (1910) is the last work of Ahmet Mithat. In this novel, Mithat Efendi was worked harmonously with the goverment during the Abdulhamit the second era presents the panorama of the changes in this political opinions. Although he acted along with the New Ottoman in 1870’s, since 1876 he announced that he left the New Ottomans and disposition against Abdulhamit’s rule. In addition to these, he argues through this work his point of view on Union and Progress Party and changes in social life with the announcement of constituonalism. It is crucial to study the details of Jöntürk novel to state Ahmet Mithat Efendi’s place in our literature correctly who was criticised because of his political choices in literature history. In this work, Jöntürk novel discussed around the Ahmet Mithat Efendi’s ideological changes.

Anahtar Kelimeler
Jöntürk, II. Abdulhamit, New Ottomans, Union and Progress Party.