Hâce-i Evvel (The First Teacher), written by Ahmet Mithat Efendi (1844-1912) and selected as a textbook to be taught to children by the Ministry of Education during the Ottoman Empire’s Tanzimat Period, is a leading work whose name is frequently mentioned in the history of Turkish education and literature. The title of the work was given to Ahmet Mithat Efendi as a title as an indDoçicator of his didactic / encyclopedic aspect. The first two editions of the Hâce-i Evvel were made in the Province Printing House established by the Governor Mithat Pasha in Baghdad in 1870-1871 when Ahmet Mithat Efendi was there. The Baghdad edition of the work is in the form of a single book and it is extremely insufficient in terms of book quality. After Ahmet Mithat Efendi's return to Istanbul in 1871, the work was published and distributed in eight parts with many repetitions, and was used as a basic textbook on contemporary science subjects in schools. So far, there has not been an independent study / research on Hâce-i Evvel. In this study, which we have put forward in order compensate the deficiency in this matter, content analysis of the work is done and its importance in terms of education and literature history is emphasized. The edition of Hâce-i Evvel that we deal with in our study is the Istanbul copy of Hijri dated 1287 (Gregorian dated 1870-1871), printed in the printing house established by Ahmet Mithat Efendi.

Anahtar Kelimeler
Ahmet Mithat Efendi, Tanzimat Era, Hâce-i Evvel, History of Turkish Education, Turkish Literature.