Abstract Mehmet Asaf Borsacı's novel Benli Leyla is quite suitable for reading poetics with its structure and its literary discussions. Namely, the name of the female protagonist in the novel is Leyla, the name of the ideal female image of Classical Turkish poetry. In this name, which is associated with the night / darkness, the suppression of the power of fascination of the woman is in question. Leyla's father, Zekâi Efendi, is a poetically supporter of classical poetry. He is a representative of the old generation poet (s) versus the new generation poet (s). He is a poet who wrote classical poetry style poems. Necdet, who wrote poems and prose, is known as a young poet around him. While he is poetically attached to New Turkish poetry, he does not neglect Classical poetry as a pleasure. The favorite of Necdet; Poets such as Muallim Nâcî, Ahmet Rasim, Süleyman Nazif, Fâik Âli, were included in the Mutavassitîn group, which both adopted the New Turkish poetry and established a link between this poem and Classical poetry during the emergence of New Turkish literature. For this reason, there are many references to Muallim Nâci in the novel. The reason for this is that the established perception that Nâci, who was given his right as a poet in the development of the new Turkish poetry, is still opposed to the New Turkish poetry at the time the novel was written. In the current period, Naci's innovations to poetry (in) and his place in New Turkish poetry are tried to be shown in the pages of novels, not with books and articles.

Anahtar Kelimeler
Keywords: Burhan Asaf, Borsacı, Poetik, Benli Leyla