Death is an unavoidable reality of the life that we live. As a matter of fact, every human being will be born, live and die. Humankind is aware of this fact as long as s/he lives. In situations where a decrease in awareness happens, this consciousness comes to life again on the death of a person nearby or another living creature. The artist is the one who realizes what the life is deeper than anyone else, and who has the most observations, feelings and perceptions. In such case, the death goes beyond to be a biological phenomenon in the hands of the artist, gains an aesthetic value and makes sense. In this study, we examined how Yahya Kemal Beyatli, the great poet of Turkish literature addressed the theme of death in his poems in his book “Kendi Gok Kubbemiz” during the Republican period. We can say that Yahya Kemal is facing the reality of death with a typical saintly manner. He deemed the death as "A tranquil spring country" and settled down to wait it in an ample silence and trust by saying "It's our destiny to die, it doesn't scare us".

Anahtar Kelimeler
Yahya Kemal Beyatli, Kendi Gok Kubbemiz, Poem, Death, After-life