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One of the poets who guided the Turkish poetry of the Republican era in terms of form and content is İsmet Özel. İsmet Özel, who joined Turkish literature in 1961 with the principles adopted by her Second New Poetry, leaves this school after 1964 and turns towards socialist realistic poetry. Socialist realism, which is based on Marxist aesthetics, gives shape to the poems of Özel in the image and image world until 1970s. Having experienced great conflicts in the world of values after the 1970s, the poet moves away from the Marxist worldview. He seeks an absolute refuge to find answers to questions that keep his mind busy and soothe the delusions of his own self. The poet, who concluded her quest in Islamic contemplation, desires to restore the restlessness of the spirit of revolt, fight and rebellion, and to have confidence in herself and life. Amentü, contains symbolic reflections of this desire. Questioning all the stages of life in Amentü, the poet reflects the deterioration, alienation and decay of the spirit of the period both in his person and in the structure of the corrupt society. In this study, we tried to examine the period of İsmet Özel studied in the context of modernity and its changing self by taking Islamic discourse as a reference.

İsmet Özel, Amentü, Modernity, Awareness and Change.

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