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The poetry of "Arkadaş Z. Özger" is quite outside of the poetic perception of his period with its extraordinary marginal discourses and its image-oriented structure made of sexual elements. When we look at the 1960s, the time the poem discusses, we can talk about a relatively libertarian environment in which new ideas and discourses come together with the new constitution. Indeed, with this libertarian environment, we see that the highly active leftist fractions have a great influence on the understanding of the poem. In the same years, together with post feminist artists, feminism gains a different dimension and searches for a different language in art and poetry. With these developments in mind, we can say that the Özger poem created a very innovative and outside the box style of poetry in its time. When we examine the internal dynamics, themes, discourse power and linguistic structure of this poem in a holistic way, we encounter a Queer discourse and the power of criticism. In this article, we will examine the emergence, conceptual description, political stance and the intellectual elements of the Queer concept to further understand the marginal structure of the poem and the background of poetry creation.

Arkadaş Z. Özger, Queer, deindividuation, gender, bio-power, heteronormativity, Judith Butler

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