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Ahmet Hamdi Tanpınar’s “Geçmiş Zaman Elbiseleri” is a story of the quest and failure. In this direction, the text is suitable for a homo-semioticus reading. Because it implies the effort to understand the reality about desperation of human towards being, existence and life and to reveal ways of salvation from it meaningfully. The story is open to symbolic interpretations and has a layered structure. The analysis of symbols and layered structure reveals a intended for an “essence” fiction of the text. In this context, analyzing the story may offer the opportunity to reveal its teleological (purposeful) aesthetic, structural and fictional aspects in more depth. Because, when applied in the aesthetic field, two approaches said It aims to understand a text both with its textual structure and its irreel dimension. However, very few of the phenomenological or ontological-based text analysis in academic studies in Turkey is satisfactory. In this study, which is a “contribution and trial effort” in eliminating the deficiency of ontological and phenomenological text analysis, yields of Husserl’s phenomenology and art ontology will be theoretical ground; the methods taught by these approaches will be applied.

Ahmet Hamdi Tanpınar, “Geçmiş Zaman Elbiseleri”, Husserl’s Phenomenology, art ontology, Nicolai Har

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