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The form of the novel takes the role of carrying the social and literature resources with its structural dynamics in the modernization process of Turkish literature. Humorous literary forms particularly came to the forefront in early modern literature, revealing the close relationship of these literary forms with social transformation. Araba Sevdası is remarkable since it explains the modernization process and the civilization crisis mostly with irony in a humorous form. Irony functions through a destructive nature. The role of irony in social transformations crises also shapes the novel, Araba Sevdası. The novel particularly addresses the relationship of a society on the brink of a new civilization with the old civilization as a problem by using the destructive function of irony. The aim of the study addressing the novel, Araba Sevdası, which is still remarkable due to the rich semantic world of its literary form is to present a new way of understanding by focusing on “how” and against “what” the “destruction” occurs and on its relationship with modernization.

Araba Sevdası, irony, myth theory, destruction.

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