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The aim of this article is to analyse the poem ‘Yarı Yol’ (Half-Way) by Ahmet Haşim, who is accepted as one of the founders of the contemporary Turkish poetry, within the context of reception theory. In accordance with this aim, the main characteristics of the reception theory are going to be stated within the scope of the article, then the similarities between the reception theory and the opinions in ‘Şiir Hakkında Bazı Mülâhazalar’ (Some Thoughts about Poetry), a poetic text by Ahmet Haşim, are going to be emphasized. Through this comparison, it is going to be claimed that Ahmet Haşim’s thoughts on leaving some parts of a poem incomplete, offering reader the chance to interpret and the possibility of various interpretations in a poem are parallel to the reception theory which rose long after his writing. In the next part of the article, major criticism on the poem ‘Yarı Yol’ that have been made in the history of literature are going to be stated. In the last part of the article, it is going to be indicated that Ahmet Haşim’s poem ‘Yarı Yol’ can be interpreted at four different levels by a reader or readers simultaneously based on his poetic ideas and the data from his other poems. Thus, it is going to be pointed out that the poem in hand has the quality of open-form poetry and a characteristic similar to the ideas put forward by the reception theory.

Ahmet Haşim, the reception theory, the poem ‘Yarı Yol’, poem interpretation.

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