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The early twentieth centery is a time of significant events in Turkey`s socio-political and literary-cultural life. National Struggle period, proclamation of the Republic, such as important events took place in this period. All this is reflected in the literature. When we examine the novels of this period, we see that there are many novels about the National Struggle. In this period, in particular, the novel continues its educational character since the Tanzimat period with the Republican ideology. The Turkish novel, which is generally of socio-political character, testifies to a new political reform with the Republic. Novel is especially noteworthy in terms of ideology penetration into society. Another special feature of this period is that Ataturk is still alive. Therefore, the years of 1923-1938 is known as the Ataturk Period. Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the leader of the National Struggle, makes himself felt not only in political life but also in literature. In this period, the character of Ataturk is seen in the center of Turkish novels. Although Ataturk is not a hero in the novels, but his ideology, principle and struggle are discussed in the novels. For example, Yakup Kadry Karaosmanoglu, Reshad Nury Guntekin, Khalide Edip Adivar, Aka Gunduz etc. We can mention the works of the authors. In these novels, the principles of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk and the points he emphasizes are expressed. In this article, the Turkish novels of this period will be reviewed and the ideology of the Republic and the image of Ataturk will be emphasized. The main aim is to determine and examine the perception of Ataturk in Turkish novels written between 1923-1938.

Turkish novel, Turkish writers, Ataturk`s character, Republican ideology, National Struggle.

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