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In this study, it is aimed to analyze the French poet Arthur Rimbaud’s poem “Vowels” through senses. Therefore, the borderlines of an approach which is formed in the frame of cognitive stylistics, also including phenomenological and synesthetic perception is defined. Synesthesia is considered as a phenomenon that transcends senses with its effect on altered states of consciousness, as well as the perception which takes place between and through senses. Because of the approach to consciousness from a different perspective in the phenomenology, the factors affecting and building the poet’s consciousness are taken into consideration in the stage of analysis. And the altered states of consciousness of the poet, his conflicting moods, the reflections on the language of his tides between the physical and spiritual universe, and his cognitive difference make it appropriate to employ cognitive stylistics as a method, all of these also provide important clues about how the poet interferes with cognitive processes. The figure-ground relationship is considered in cognitive, phenomenological and synesthetic context; when the subject is poetry, it is pointed out that in which area this relationship is revealed and how it is interpreted. As a result, it is shown that a poem can be analyzed through senses, however, it is observed that senses and the relationships between senses affect the language in connection with both consciousness and mood.

Senses, literary synesthesia, phenomenological perception, cognitive poetics/stylistics, figure-grou

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