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Stage arts, which can be defined as performances presented to an audience at a given time and in a certain place, includes many activities from traditional entertainment forms to modern theater which developed under the influence of the West. Although the theater, which was considered to be the most beneficial entertainment before the era of technology, continues to reach wide audiences today, the most powerful effects of the theater have been seen in the transition period between the late Ottoman-early Republic period when cinema was just getting widespread. Theaters, which were predominantly in Pera and Direklerarasi, the improvisation theaters which are the most popular forms of entertainment of the time, and their performers, the Fools, and traveling companies that provide original or adapted plays to the farthest corners of Anatolia are told in novels, short stories, theater plays and poems, which are scarce in number. Most of the time, these works, in which the love of art, theater enthusiasm, artistic pleasure and sacrifices made to share all this with the audience, are handled with an aesthetic uplift, give valuable information about the less known world of stage arts. They tell the stories of the backstage, experiences of the artists behind the scenes, the ordeal of the artists, and especially the difficulties of the touring companies, intertwined with the power of the art and the love of theater.

Stage arts, fiction, theater, improvisation theater, theatre-in-the-round, circus

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