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Beside the fact that Sheikh Bedreddin is known as the leader of religious and political uprisings, he attracts attention with various interpretations of concepts related to religion, and his ideas about rights, property, equality and partnership. It can be seen that Sheikh Bedreddin, who is interested in history and Sufi studies, is also subject to literary works. The Soviet writer Rady Fish, who has been interested in Turkish literature since 1944, included the life story of Sheikh Bedreddin and the rebellious movement in which he participated, with his novel “Spyaşçie Probudyatsya”. In this novel, translated as Ben de Halimce Bedreddinem, Bedreddin's adventure unfolds to become the leader of an uprising. Facts such as the brotherhood of religions and peoples, equality, rights and partnerships advocated by Marxism form the basis of Sheikh Bedreddin’s adventure in reaching the truth. When discussing the issue of partnership in the novel, a socialist and feminist interpretation is introduced into this problem through Borkluce Mustafa. Idealized as the national hero of Sheikh Bedreddin and his followers, this novel ends with the tragic death of Sheikh Bedreddin, Borkluce Mustafa and Torlak Kemal.

Sheikh Bedreddin, Borkluce Mustafa, Rady Fish, Ben de Halimce Bedreddinem.

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