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Simavna Kadısıoğlu Şeyh Bedreddin (1359-1420) is one of the remarkable names of establishment period of the Ottoman Empire. He was a statesman who served in a high bureaucratic position such as the military judge in the chaotic period known as the Fetret Period (1402-1413), and also was one of the leading scholars and sufis of the era. The thing that makes this historical personality interesting today is his involvement in a rebellion movement against official authority. Şeyh Bedreddin, who was referred to with a number of different discourses in various historical sources in terms of his thoughts and actions, was used by writers with different world views, especially in the period of the writers of the Republican period, he was idealized with a socialist realistic perspective. One of the writers who used Şeyh Bedreddin as a historical material is Orhan Asena. He generally takes attention with historical plays which build bridge between the past and present, and the play Simavnalı Şeyh Bedreddin staged in 1969, treats Şeyh Bedreddin, who has been idealized in the literary works of the Republican period as a focus figure in order to realize a better social order of society, with the same idealization but with a different starting point. Şeyh Bedreddin in Asena's play is a mystical socialist leaning on God in his thoughts and action. In this article, the image of Şeyh Bedreddin, which was fictionalised in Orhan Asena's play, will be evaluated.

Historical drama, Orhan Asena, Simavnalı Şeyh Bedreddin, rebellion, mystical socialism.

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