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The epics that have an important place in the process of becoming a nation are gained as the reflections of collective consciousness, with the tradition of natural oral culture or artificially constructed. Natural epics, the products of the oral narrative tradition, are generally derived from the historical reality based on the great events such as death, migration or natural disaster that leave traces in the cultural memory of societies. It is constructed with common social consciousness and transferred from generation to generation and becomes an epic narrative. Artificial epics are the narratives which are created by a craftsman by writing or writing a person or events which usually have a history. The natural epics of collective consciousness and the fictional codes of narrative epics and narrative characteristics are sometimes crossed and sometimes carried to a common context or to a different plane. In this study, Nâzım Hikmet tries to reveal common aspects and differentiating aspects of epic epope tradition in Simavne Kadısı Oğlu Şeyh Bedreddin DestanıTurkish literature which is written with the fiction of a historical character and a period of his life.

Epic, Epope, Nâzım Hikmet, Simavne Kadısı Oğlu Şeyh Bedreddin Destanı.

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