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Before dealing with the virtual characters in the literary world, it is necessary to mention that the virtuality is not limited to the character. Its basic meaning is uneventfulness, but in the literary perspective, it is reflected in the text as disharmony and arbitrariness. This could be a character, or it could involve all the characters, or even get the entire created world. In the literary world, each character has a function, or every character is virtual to reflect a humanitarian behavior, but this discourse is limited and is a general acceptance. In fact, both real and fictional characters can be dragged into the world of virtuality. What is the thing that pushes the character to this virtuality? The main problem here is seen as ontological, but sociology is also a significant factor. The characters that are alienated, marginalized and seen differently in society, show their reactions by behaving without harmony with the ambiance they live in, without reason and without virtuality. When they do this, you will encounter consciousness or completely virtual characters who are divided into two. In this context, based on the consciousness of the character divided into two, some of the virtual characters in literary will be reviewed.

Character, Virtuality, Arbitrariness, Disharmony

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