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Textual Genericity and Fashion: intertextuality – intervestimentality - archivestimentality
In accordance with a common attitude adopted by the structuralists, we can argue that clothing is a text, to put it another way, it is seen as a specific language. As a metaphor, fashion is a language based on a common attitude inspired by the pairs of concepts (signifier/signified, language /speech, diachronic/ synchronic etc.) in the Course in General Linguistics by Ferdinand de Saussure, shared also by semiologists and Russian formalists. In the System of Fashion, Roland Barthes attempts to describe and define the language of fashion as a specific language form, making reference to concepts used in the conceptual field of the literary text. In this study, leaving aside the theoretical orientations of R. Barthes in his book, we will try instead to describe the specificity of fashion as a special language form, and therefore of clothing in an intertextual perspective. Drawing on the data of an intertextual approach, we will try to show briefly the contribution of the literary instrument used in different forms of discourse (including fashion and clothing) in an interdisciplinary direction. When we consider that fashion establishes close relations with literature, cinema, painting, architecture, etc., it is easy to see that such an approach is gaining validity increasingly.

Semiotics, intertextuality, genericity, intersemiotics, archivestimentality, fashion, Alexander McQu

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