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In the Context of “Armless Maiden” Motif in Ziya Gökalp’s Tales From Oghuz and Ideal of Turan to Mustafa Kemal…
Ziya Gökalp, who has effective in the establishment of Turkey, having a historical significance is of the philosopher, folklorist, sociologist, ideologist, academician and intellectualist. Ziya Gökalp was the focus of attention with his writings, poems and tales during and after his lifetime. When we look at the tales of Ziya Gökalp with a chronological reading, it is seen that in his tales, he integrates the elements of Turkish culture with the historical process and the perception of past-present-future. Ziya Gökalp, who has lasting a life in that transition from empire to nation-state order, has also been an evolution from ideal of Turan toward Turkism (Türkiyecilik) in his sociology thinking. The land losses in the 1910s are shaped by Ziya Gökalp’s vision with “nameless hero”. In the 1920s “nameless hero”, who is Mustafa Kemal, appeared, he has been a harbinger of a new life with taking Turk under protective care. The subject of this study is the tales of Ziya Gökalp, which are fictionalized in the context via motif of armless maiden, “Turkish Tuffoon” and “Armless Maiden”. In the context of the motif of armless maiden, the tales of Ziya Gökalp’s “Turkish Tuffoon” and “Armless Maiden” will be examined comparatively with natural tales. The traces of Turkish culture will be followed through motif-type in the tales of Ziya Gökalp, which is an example of the culture and rewrite of Turkish literature; it will be analyzed in the context of “armless maiden” motif, in which the tales Ziya Gökalp should be read in parallel and chronological reading with the social panorama.

“armless maiden”, Ziya Gökalp, tale, motif, Türkiye, national hero.

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