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Abstract The theorists of literature, who determined the concept of intertextuality as a reference point to understand the dynamics of literary critic, focus on a text’s relationship with other texts instead of just focusing on its completely new expression. The concept is especially functional to understand the poets and writers who establish relationship with traditional literature. In this frame, Behçet Necatigil should be one of the names to be mentioned. He knew both Eastern and Western poetries very well and believed that the poetry can make progress by referring to the past. The mentioned peculiarity of Necatigil makes it necessary to consider his previous poems in order to understand his any given poem. This article asserts that all the poems of Necatigil refer to each other and have an intertextual relationship and they can be meaningful when interpreted in this framework. This will be discussed by focusing on the concept of palimpsest and Necatigil’s poems of “Sevgilerde” and “Nilüfer”. Accordingly, this article will argue that Necatigil wrote “Nilüfer” by transforming “Sevgilerde”. When the two poems are examined the erased and deleted parts in “Sevgilerde” can be seen in “Nilüfer”. Finally it will be claimed that the two poems influenced each other.

Behçet Necatigil, Palimpsest, Sevgilerde, Nilüfer

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