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Timbuktu, which wrote by Paul Auster, progresses on searching, fear and hope’s triangle. In this novel, it is focused on life of Willy, who at the point of death because of alcohol and drugs, and his dog Mr. Bone that it turns over a labyrinth. Auster build his narration on chaos, confusion and uncertainty as his other works. Timbuktu is a remarkable novel in terms of telling man of our age’s ontology from a point of view a dog and concentrating friendship between dog and human. This novel that it focus on loneliness and alienation tells Willy’s identity searching and his experience in identity searching. Willy’s firend Mr. Bone looks for a home after his owner death. Willy and Mr. Bone keep their hope but their experience trips up them. The aim of this paper is to investigate Timbuktu by focussing on searching, fear and hope’s theme.

Timbuktu, Paul Auster, Searching, Fear, Hope.

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