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İhsan Oktay Anar is one of the prominent novelists of the late Turkish novel tradition. Generally, his works seem to be dominated by a dark world and a peculiar language of that world seem to dominate and criticisms of social life are expressed in an ironic discourse through the hero characters. Although the plot is usually set in an ancient time or past time frames in his works, which contain references to every period and work about life and art ranging from belief systems (Islam, Christianity, Judaism, etc.) to significant works of Western and Eastern literature; to painting, music, architecture, it is also possible to see the problems of the era between the lines. Although the deficiencies observed by the artist in social life are expressed in a critical discourse, with a cynical manner and sometimes with a very closed form of discourse, in the present study, it is basically aimed to identify the criticism of social life in his novel Indecent Hero published in 2014 and to reveal the connection between the novelist and his age.

Social criticism, novel, irony, Ihsan Oktay Anar, art, culture, literature

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