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When Patrice and Sarah David Samadi, in their Théorie de la l’évolution, une logique pour la biologie, propose to define the concept of the theory of evolution, they refer to a Jorge Luis Borges’s story in Ficciones: "Library of Babel", which they use as a metaphor. For her part, Emilie Etemad, in his essay “l’intertextualité sous le prisme de la théorie de l’évolution” focuses on the rewriting of the Library of Babel image in the phenomenon of intertextuality. In this study, we propose to make some comparisons between intertextuality and the theory of evolution, using the known and repeated definitions intertextual exchanges to establish a series of parallels between the two fields. We will use the hypotext, that P. and S. David Samadi repeated in their work, to highlight some key features interdisciplinary interferences that are put to the agenda during the process of the transformation of a scientific discourse. Our goal is to bring a new contribution to the relationship between "Literature and Science", which we initiated earlier in another study.

Theory of evolution, intertextuality, transformation, Borges, Library of Babel, Literature and Scien

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