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Socialist realist literatüre, basically, aims to express the problems of people by means of art and also sees it as a tool to support socialist, communist structure accepting art an ideological device. Socialist realist Turkish poem starts to develop with Nazım Hikmet, who was following Russian Futurismclosely starting from 1930’s after his poems in 835 Satır (1929). As an artist devoted to socialist ideology, Nazım Hikmet engages in combat with all the dynamics that restrain this system in order to reach the socialist system which he thinks that it promises the absolute freedom. With no doubt, the strongest of all these is the government. Almost all the socialist realist poets following Nazım Hikmet, including Hasan Hüseyin , who was submitted to an examination, see “government” as a restrictor of freedom which should be defeated or regenerated. In the examination all the poems of Hasan Hüseyin will be taken under review and how he approaches to the relation of individuals with the state and authority, and what the place of the state perception in over all of socialist poem is.

Hasan Hüseyin, state, socialist realist poem.

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