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Crisis of Relıgıon and Belief in The Sinekli Bakkal and Üç İstanbul Novels
The time of the event (II. Abdülhamit Period) and the time of narration (Republic Period) overlap in the Sinekli Bakkal and Üç İstanbul novels. Both novels include alafaranga types and religiosity, religionist criticism, and fascinating, impostorial imams. The novels reflect the chaotic mood and belief depression that authors have experienced in their inner world. Like many Turkish intellectuals who witnessed the collapse of the Ottoman Empire in the face of Western civilization, Halide Edip Adıvar (1882-1964) anda Mithat Cemal Kuntay’s (1885-1956) sense of religion have shaken. it is possible to see the belief crisis of authors behind the atheistic types of Sinekli Bakkal and Üç İstanbul novels and negative criticisms about religion. There are many narratives in Turkish literature that reflect the hesitant faith of poets and writers, and their critical attitude towards religion. Sinekli Bakkal and Üç İstanbul novels are examples in this vast in the sample. The number of academic works that reveal the sense of religion of writers and poets in literary accounts is quite limited. This research aims to contribute to the emerging academic studies of art and artist relations in the context of religious sentiment. In the study in which the qualitative research technique was applied, literature review and document review were carried out. The information obtained from the fiction and real sources was evaluated in the Findings section of the study. In the Conclusion section of the work, the author-novel relationship is explained in the context of religious sentiment.

Sinekli Bakkal, Üç İstanbul, crisis of relıgıon and belief.

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