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Those Reflecting from "Aynanın İçindekiler" into the Turkish Thought
The five novels in “Aynanın İçindekiler” written by Attila İlhan take place among the important texts in the Turkish thought. Novel, as a literary way, since it appeared in the Western societies it has been one of the leading ways to explain the individiual, the society and the relations between them. Novel, entering durig Tanzimat into Turkish litareture, has also been one of the main sources in the Turkish thought. So the prominent names of the Turkish thought are also novelists. In this study, both the events and the thoughts related to the near past of Turkey told in “Aynanın İçindekiler”, and Attila İlhan’s arguments about them are evaluated in the light of the writer’s other works and the views of other intellectuels in the Turkish thought. Thus it is aimed at displaying a picture of İlhan’s world of thought.

Key words: fiction, history of thought, society, literature, Attila İlhan.

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