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Reflective / mimetic novel understanding in the West has been replaced by modernist and postmodernist novels since the 20th century. Texts on loneliness and alienation have begun to be written rather than the novels which narrate the content and arouse the interest of the readers. In these narrations which convey its own formation process, emphasize that the text is a constructed structure, and where the irony distinguishes, the fascination and intertextuality stand out as two basic fiction elements. It seems that modernist and postmodernist texts have been written in Turkish literature since the 1970s. Hasan Ali Toptaş, who was included in our literature in the 1990s, is accepted as a postmodernist writer in terms of the form and content elements in his novels. "The East of Sleep" is a novel in which metafiction and intertextuality is used extensively. The structure of the novel, which returns to the sentence that it begins with, is organized in a circular form, with a text frame out and text circles in it. The frame on the plane of metafiction intersects with the inner stories at many points. The fiction universe of the text has been enriched with open and implicit allusions.

Postmodernism, Hasan Ali Toptaş, Circular, Uykuların Doğusu

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