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Homosexuality has been one of the subjects handled in Turkish Literature since Ottoman Poetry. Attila İlhan, who was once among socialist poets called the Blue Movement, also mentioned homosexuality in his poems. İlhan, who mostly focused on woman homosexuality in his poems, regarded homosexuality not only as a hormonal situation that occurs out of one’s control but also as individuals’ sexual preference. The homosexual people that Attila İlhan met in Paris had great influence on his understanding of homosexuality in his works. The homosexuality which the poet mentioned in his poems can be categorized under the headings of women living homosexuality as men, men living homosexuality as women, and women living homosexuality both as men and as women. Homosexuality mentioned in his poems under the headings of women living homosexuality as men and men living homosexuality as women occurs not as a result of one’s own preference but due to one’s failure to find his or her own identity due to sexual depression. It is possible to say that homosexuality here is a hormonal situation. As for the women living homosexuality both as men and as women, there are two different situations. First, sexual dissatisfaction lies under women’s living homosexuality both as women and as men. The second situation occurs not only due to women’s failure to decide on their sexual identities but also as a result of their sexual contradictions.

Key Words: Attila İlhan, women, poem, sexual contradiction, homosexuality.

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