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In the history of thought, many theories and propositions have been put forward about love's "what", how it emerged and how it developed. Undoubtedly, these have not introduced to love by transcendental, but they have focused on the phenomena of this sensation in life. Each phenomenon has also revealed a aspect of love sensation. Literature, in addition to this theory and its propositions, has made the emergence of different phenomena of love by processing love as the theme. In this case, love immanently has been handled to life both in the history of thought and in literature. At this point, the thought has looked at the phenomena of love in literary works in order to develop the theory and put forward to the proposition on historical love. In this article, the phenomena of love in the Turkish poetry of republic period were determined how these process in poetry by the reading of philosophy and psychoanalysis At this point, the phenomena of love in the poetry of republic perıod has been shown up as follows: Love is an Alienation, Love Emerges with Obstacle, Why Love Is Absent, Love is from Arbitrariness, Love is not in Love, It is Fallen in Love not to Fall in Love, Lover Loves Him In Love, Love Disorganizes to Life.

Phenomenology of Love, Love,Poetry of Republic Period, Phenomenology

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