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"Mai ve Siyah" which is the work of Halit Ziya Uşaklıgil, who is one of the most important writers of our literature, concentrates on the writer profile, executed by Ahmet Cemil. Russian writer Mihail Bulgakov evaluates the character “Usta” and his environment by using a more complicated fiction structure. In both of the books, the main characters choose destroying their own works which they can’t publish. The main cause of this is the drive of changing their way of lifes in favor of them. The characters, who feel a kind of catharsis by destroying their works, consider that the position of their lifes can change, if they get rid of their past and the bothers which come with the past. From this point of view, this essay, which focuses on the reasons why the writers choose such a way, will proceed on the relational/nonrelational situation between authorship institution and society, especially the dominant literary tradition. We try to put emphasis on the means of reality perception for the author and his environment. In this study, especially the literary traditon effect on the author instution will be our focal point. It will be drawn attention to the similarities and differences which emerge from the process of the occurence of impression atmosphere which embowers artistic production. When we think that the context which sets on the concept of “catharsis”, this is important for this study to see the same situation in the shade of two different country and literary tradition. Although it can be seen some differences on the degree of criticism, especially the dichotomies of the artistic sensibility is seen as the main tension factor. Although, the character of “Usta” writes in a harder atmosphere than Ahmet Cemil, their characters show resemblances. In this context, the focus point will be the experiences which they lived in production process and the same conclusion which they reached. This essay set on the theme of destroying their own works by giving up their own productions. It will evaluate the process of the failure of authorship instution.

Mai ve Siyah, Master and Margarita, Authorship, Literary Tradition, Catharsis.

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