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Human beings cannot perceive themselves in their lives as the others do them. That point of view, just those who are artistically sensitive are able to acquire, not only prevent them from banality but also let them get a different style. However this kind of opinion will bring about a variety of phychlogical disabilities. The disappointment of this disabilities is providential. The novel called “Aynadaki Yalan” by Necip Fazıl Kısakürek incorporate the analysis of the self point from the very beginning to the end. according to Rene Girard, within a romantic lie, a reality about the novel is being tried to be caught. In the novel a mental journey of the writer, who is an obscure universe together with his own mind and heart, and the style used inside the journey open the door of an extraordinary fiction. In the notification, it is aimed to analyse those sense values as well as evaluate the writing style of the writer at this point.

Necip Fazıl, Textual Analysis, Ontology, Textual Analysis, Style, psychoanalytic Analysis, Self-Awar

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