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Narrative Technique In Modern Turkish Poetry
Considering the historical periods of Turkish poetry from Tanzimat Reform Era to today, it is seen that each period conceived various pursuits and novelties in itself and worked substantially on discovering new expressing ways/ techniques. As a natural consequence of this, techniques that are fairly different from – and sometimes against- each other emerged, facilities of language and expression in transmitting emotions, ideas and events were developed. Given the severity of the techniques in the historical course, it can be said that Turkish poetry’s main line is intensified on image-centered poem; however “narrative technique” was also used in an undeniable density, the elements of narrative-based genres (Event, narrator, time, space, conflict etc.) were benefited from in this technique. The aim of this article is to question facilities of narrative techniques considering this fact, to present usage styles of the technique by different poets. For the chosen examples to serve the purpose, poems that have the power to represent each period from the Republic Era to today are studied. It is seen that these poems mostly have a story built on an event with narrative voice. In poems created with narrative technique, stayed distant from the logical sentence structure of prose while narration the events, mostly aesthetic values are prioritized with verses full of connotation. In these poems in which observer, divine or heroic narrators and points of views are preferred; including language, sentence organization and sometimes original imagery and expressions, presentation style of events with indirect transfer based on association and concretization distinguish narrative technique with exact lines from other genres. Stories narrated with poem language became a means in poem formation.

Modern Turkish poetry, narrative technique, event, narrator.

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