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Romantic Nature Perception in the Novels of Namık Kemal
Romanticism is, in fact, a way of perceiving certain beings, subjects and situations rather than a movement, and an emphasis on the continuous nature of mankind since its existence. Just like all-ism, romance has turned into a strong emphasis since the 1800s, then become as an –izm. In this period, as well as social subjects such as freedom, equality, justice, historical consciousness, orientation to the past; the individual perceptions such as return to nature, sadness, love, lust, longing, melancholy, fear of death, big city crisis(depression), desire of escaping from the current environment and taking refuge in an utopian place has started to stand out. Besides its being a space that enables the living beings to live, by its changing, developing, transforming feature; with the mysterious and impressive temperament, Nature, has been the subject of philosophy, science and various branches of art for ages, is one of the strongest subjects of individual romanticism. The movement which has developed in France and spread all over Europe influences many artists in Turkish literature in a short time. Tanzimat romantics, which deals with romanticism in both individual and societal dimensions, see nature as a living, remedial and a reflection of God. Namık Kemal, who is an important name of Turkish literature in Tanzimat period and also a strong representative of the movement, has approached the nature with romantic perception as well. By focusing on the relationship between human and nature, he expresses the nature in his works as alive, dynamic, and in motion. In this study, it is endeavored to reveal the romantic perception by referring to the way how the artist approached the nature and how he placed it in his novels.

Romanticism, nature, vitality, enthusiasm, Namık Kemal.

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