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Atilla Dirim’s novel, called Yerin ve Göğün Öyküsü Ural Batır, is the rewriting of the Epic of Ural Batır which still exists among Bashkirs nowadays. The author adheres to the main lines of the Epic of Ural Batır for the most part, but in some points he chooses the way of reduction and conversion. This epic which is loaded with mythological elements is convenient to read on the intertextual plane. Among the reasons for it, its similarities with the themes of Saint Adam, Saint Eve and paradise; reminding Sumerians’ Epic of Gilgamesh, in terms of its subject; referring to the myths of flood and creation can be considered. This epic which is the product of a mythical narrative about the creation of Ural Mountains, also gives clues about Bashkirs’ collective consciousness through personalizing natural events. It shows similarity with the epics of other Turkish clans in central Asia. On the other hand, there are various aspects that it dissociates from the others. While other epics are loaded with the myths of heroism and depictions of war, in this epic apart from these features, the structures that emphasize the spiritual aspect of human and present individual’s moral values, are located in. Human in the immense, untouched nature, doesn’t only compose his imagination around the elements of war and heroism. He develops a structure that causes to question human values as well. For this, the use of a symbolical language is preferred. In this paper, Atilla Dirim’s novel, called Yerin ve Göğün Öyküsü Ural Batır which is shaped through rewriting, will be analyzed on the plane of intertextuality together with other texts that it refers to.

Ural Batır, Atilla Dirim, Epic, Novel, Intertextuality, Rewriting.

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