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Up to now, in Turkish poetry with the image of ‘Void’ or ‘Nothing’ it has been considered that poets proved existence from ‘Void’ and ‘Nothingness’ paradoxically. This tendency has a positive factor towards negative perception of ‘Void’ and ethical attitude is displayed. In the paper as we tried to explain, those who study on Turkish poetry couldn’t tackle with the image of ‘Void’ and ‘Nothingness’ as a negative gesture around which it was formed. It couldn’t be accepted as a sense coming from human’s unreachable Reality. It has been forgotten this ‘Void’ or ‘Nothingness’ shapes subject, being, and reality. Furthermore, the fact that sense of ‘Void’ or ‘Nothingness’ occurs when object is exceeded has not been mentioned. Similarly, it has not been determined sense of ‘Void’ or ‘Nothingness’ is desire of desire-pure idealization of desire. Finally, sense of ‘Void’ is withdrawal of psychic world from real world, its self-closure, contraction, cut off all links with the outside world, and with this aspect void and nothing means end of individual’s sink into natural world has been ignored.

Turkish, poetry, “Void” and “Nothingness”, Turkish poetry.

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