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Image is the knowing method and consciousness of the postmodern subject that identifies with the fictional structure of the consciousness in the mental area experience founded on the notion of “image”. The consciousness of the postmodern subject that emerges as a result of the spatial perception transformation through technologic processes and that is described in the position of timelessness and superspatial existence area and hybrid structure is a method of knowing that shapes up in the process of imaging, that takes its social substructure from globalization founded on the notions of mobility and ambiguity, its individual area from internalizing the other as a founded structure and a structure to be founded defined with the other, its experience from the compression and the absence of the concrete entity that is on the spatial existence area. This method of knowing is in an indefinite, mobile and passive structure and its creation is defined with the communication of the subjective area with the other. The process that is based on the non-centrality of the subject and that is formed with non-centrality and the situation that paves the way for the subjective consciousness wall to structure the consciousness to out of center positions, to marginalize the subjectivity and to copy the distinctness, degrades the relation of the postmodern subject with reality, truth and itself to “image”. The image corresponds to the consciousness of the subject expressing a step of bionic transformation where the copy is created with the original, the truth is created with the constituted one and the reality is created with the data of the constituted consciousness. This transformation is in a character expressing the parts completing each other in the construction of an alternative existence area in order to change the current situation of the entity, and the fictional consciousness is in a character expressing the knowing method of the alternative entity area.

İmage consciouness, alternative existence, postmodern subject, aestheticism, the third central.

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