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In this study, whom we have acted in order to advertise and to be closely acquainted with the magazine publishing which has been an important corner stone, right next to the newspaper, in the life of the press, we have wanted to determine the role and the course in Cyprus of the magazines which seriously contribute to store of knowledge of culture of societies. The magazine publishing of Cyprus played an important role in terms of the aims to earn an intellectual background and a pleasure and want to scrutinize problems carefully and to guide the cultural life of “ Island ” as Turkish, Romaic and English. In this study, the magazines which publish in every three of languages have been examined. Specially, we have examined to the magazines, separating to the periods like “Between 1963 – 1974” and “After 1983” by considering to the terms of government in Cyprus. In this way, we have also wanted to determine the extents of development which is paralel with the conditions and see to things that the life of magazine publishing both acquires and earns in the every period. Although the problems to be faced occasionally, the magazines which try to maintain their own life of publishing, conveyed their messages to the masses that they address. We have studied to analyze the problems of the magazines which sustain their publication at infrequent intervals and the aims of closure and publishing of the magazines and solve the problem of distinction between the newspaper and the magazine, which is one of problems whom we face in the course of our examination, by attaining its source directly or by means of the name sometimes, by way of explanations which are added to publication.

Cyprus, magazine, the magazine publishing, the magazine publishing of Cyprus.

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