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We come across the poetic approaches which have a reflexive doing (poet) of poetry both taking the action and being affected by his action along with the modern poetry after Baudelaire. We can define to this doing of poetry as the poetic subject. In light of the data belonging to the conscious, the detection of the conditions which generate the structure of this ego forming inner language of generally the art and particularly the poetry will also bring along to be deciphered of codes of the poetry . The images belonging to ego that the poetic subject is located in the center, accommodate also the reflect of the conscious looking at the object as well as to objects. The conscious which writes the poetry, reveals to the relations of personality and the models of inner world. The poetry in this sense can be redefined in terms of sociological, psychoanalytical and philosophical approaches that generate to the conscious. Due to the deciphering of language of the images will mean to be deciphered of the conscious of the artist as well, particularly the images belonging to the models of inner world have to be appeared. In this study, we have wanted to bring a new point of view by means of the imagology and to find the images by starting off his consciousness in the poetry of poet whom we will not be able to isolate from the conditions that emerge to his own. For this reason, we have occasionally acted by concepts “poetic ego” and “poetic subject” which are in the narrator position just as in the novel or the story.

Poetic subject, poet, image, ego, doing (poet).

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