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In Tanpınar’s novels and short stories there is always a third eye that prevents the actions of the first degree characters or character-narrators. The third eye, which beholds the relationship of the novel or short story character with the object of desire, and is frequently discerned not to approve the character’s interest on the object of desire, can be in various forms such as a human being, a thing or the past time. The characters of a Tanpınar novel or short story, who remain distant to their objects of desire because of the third eye, would legitimize the situation by subliming the unattained object and humbling themselves. The justification of this legitimization may as well be retaining “selfness”. Bringing into mind the literary tradition to which Tanpınar belongs and the intellectual identities of his novel or short story characters, character-narrators or narrators, it occurs that the search for legitimacy in Tanpınar is in fact related with a principal paradigm of modern Turkish literature history.

Ahmet Hamdi Tanpınar, Tanpınar and the problem of legitimacy, third eye, society and intellectuals.

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